NOVOZ is a pioneer in the electronic lifestyle company that focus on the latest trend of electronic goods for our clients expectations in mind. Since its initial exploration in 2010, in recent years NOVOZ has re-developed its roadmap for once again catering from business to business to business to consumers and expanding into the e-commerce world to cater to more people. In the next few years, NOVOZ will, by "move up the game play", continue to consolidate and improve its market share in the lifestyle & electronic arena. SSM ID: 1069748-M GST ID: 001670426624


To provide ultimate product and service experiences for our users


To create value for users, opportunities for employees, benefits to the society.


Integrity, Dedication, Teamwork, Innovation.


Users come first, open innovation, cooperation and sharing, integrity and accountability


Novoz is focused on being the most innovative, creative and user-friendly company, we aim to constantly providing unexpected convenience to the people through innovations in electronics products to our customers. We love new ideas and innovative products and so does our team, we are a big fan of technology and lifestyle, so we relentlessly pursues and source the best perfection to break tradition and push boundaries of what you have seen and used to the norm. We are excited every time we introduce a new products to our customers. We make sure that all products are properly quality controlled to meet our customers satisfaction, all just to ensure that our products remain unique and offer an unparalleled user experience.

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